A brief insight

Gladman are hosting an event exploring hacking, responding, insuring and policing

A brief insight

Are you concerned about your company's Cyber Security? Unsure what 'Cyber' actually is and what you should be doing about it? 

Gladman Group is holding an event on 17th January to explore the growing threats and what you can do to help prevent them.  

You'll hear how a Hacker can compromise your systems, how an Incident Responder can help fix a breach, learn what Cyber insurance actually covers you for and hear what the Police are doing to protect UK businesses. 

Guest speakers from Pen Test Partners, Ankura, Marsh, City of London Police 

Hosted by Shepherd and Wedderburn offices, St. Pauls.

To find out more, contact info@gladmangroup.com 

A brief insight
Date: 17 January 2019
Author: Chris Jones
Tags: cybersecurity, hacking, cyber insurance, cyber crime