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Our consultants have a strong track record in delivering first class talent solutions and career opportunities.

We provide introductions to sought after talent and access to roles not released to the market.

For employers we are your competitive edge in Info-Sec. For job hunters we can help accelerate your career goals.


Whether the engagement is a short-term triage or longer-term transformation project, we have access to a large pool of experienced interims ready to step in a short notice.

Our in-depth understanding of our interims’ expertise and skill sets, means we have the right interim for the right assignment.


We’re able to provide comprehensive human consultancy to your Info-Sec needs or challenge.

Our extensive network of specialists within the wider security industry enables us to draw upon an unrivalled depth and breadth of experience.

If you are looking to assess, improve or create an Info-Security set up – Gladman Group are here to help.

Client Charter

Our 6-point Charter is designed to ensure all service levels are upheld, that each project is properly structured and to promise clear lines of communication in every phase.



Every one of our clients has a unique job specification and workplace culture, and we take pride in investing our time and expertise in understanding your business. We gain an in-depth understanding of your short and long-term objectives as well as specific candidate requirements.



Using our clear knowledge of your requirements as an employer, we draw up a strategy to locate the professional best-suited to your information security needs. Our focus is on finding the perfect combination of skills and persona to suit your organisation’s dynamic.



We combine cutting-edge technology with our own extensive experience within the recruitment and cyber-security industries to locate the best possible candidates for your needs. In a candidate driven industry, our established relationships and market awareness are indispensable in recruiting some of the Info-Sec industry’s most talented individuals.



Efficient and honest communication is at the heart of our recruitment process. We keep you consistently updated every step of the way, answering any questions honestly and efficiently. You benefit from our extensive market knowledge and we inform you of any industry changes that may affect your recruitment campaign.



We work tirelessly as your partner to select the most suitable candidates both from a skill set but also ensuring a strong cultural match for your organisation. Through our in depth screening processes we ensure we understand candidates work style preferences which enables us to match them closely with the right company.



We support you in creating the best process for all parties from offer stage through the onboarding process. We want to ensure that your new employee’s transition into the company is as smooth as possible allowing both parties to hit the ground running once in post.

Smart recruitment methods for greater assurance

You can benefit from different delivery methods according to your business needs and objectives. The only thing we fixate on is providing the most appropriate method to deliver the result that you need - securing the best talent possible. We offer retained and contingent search, assessment days, working interviews, knowledge partner visits and extended background checks.

You’re great at finance, we’re great at recruitment. Let us take the pain of hiring away by running assessment days for multiple candidates at our central London offices, or at a location convenient for you and your candidates.
You need to be sure that the interims you hire can be effective and deliver on their assignment from day one. We can arrange for you to see potential interim hires in action by arranging one-day working interviews.
If you are facing a particular challenge and want to explore your options, we can arrange for a two-hour three-way brainstorm with one of our consultants and a subject matter expert. After listening to you, understanding and discussing your needs, the outcome could be a solution that requires an interim or new employee.
Going far beyond the traditional pre-employment checks, we are able to offer an extensive due diligence process for highly sensitive / critical hires. The extended background checks we carry out access a large number of databases and interrogate open source information on the Internet. We utilise the latest technology to cross reference the searches providing comprehensive background checks. We deliver piece of mind to an employer that the people they are engaging and placing in positions of trust are who they say they are.